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Shoto Karate Seaford


Martial Arts Seaford, teaching karate to kids, teens and adults

Achieve your goals, feel great, strong and fit

Karate Training Classes in Seaford for all Levels - Beginners to Advanced


Kids Karate Classes Seaford

Kids martial arts classes based in Seaford, Melbourne are packed with fun and energy to inspire the best out of your child. These classes are suited for kids under 12 years of age.


Karate for Teens Seaford

Martial arts for your teenager offers a place to learn, belong, escape social pressures whilst becoming fit. Karate gives them a clear direction and pathway to achieve their goals in a safe and supportive environment


Adult Karate Classes Seaford

Adult Karate classes are suited for anyone who is a beginner to more experienced students and is a great way to keep fit physically and mentally, lose weight, stay connected to your community of like minded individuals

Shoto Karate Seaford - Building a Better Future with Martial Arts.

We Encourage Passion, Creativity and Respect.

Our Shoto Karate dojo is located in the beautiful Bayside suburb of Seaford in Melbourne. 

Karate offers a unique platform for building more resilient, considerate and energetic people. We seek to excel in physical fitness as well as self-defence training using karate and other forms of martial arts while encouraging our students through fun fitness challenges.

Students develop improved speed, strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular fitness thanks to new levels of confidence that their training offers.

When first starting out at Shoto karate, our dojo offers support as well as encouragement to help students progress on their journey towards bettering themselves through time-honored standards and structures of the Shotkan martial arts tradition. We are constantly striving to  build a dojo that has a positive spirit of cooperation where our students feel a sense of pleasure working together and helping each other.

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Why Choose Shoto Karate Seaford?

Our dojo is led by Sensei Jerry Hastings who is a 5th Dan, Black Belt (Godan)

Sensei Jerry Hastings has practiced the art of karate for 4 decades, under the guidance of several instructors including Sensei Keith Geyer ( 7th Dan) who he regards as being the most influential in his karate journey. 

Sensei Jerry is renowned amongst his peers and students as being disciplined and supportive when it comes to helping others achieve their goals.

“My goal is help our student’s realise that they can achieve anything with discipline and focus.” Sensei Jerry

What you can expect to learn from our dojo:

  • Once you learn to control yourself then attempting to control an opponent will be possible.
  • Learn to change thoughts and words into action.
  • Learn success with humbleness
  • Learn to exert ones strength and power by pulling up others rather than pushing others down
  • Learn to take your mind to a quiet place within all life’s distractions

Come and see for yourself why everyone loves Shoto Karate Seaford


Shoto Karate can transform your world!

Our Services

We offer kids martial arts classes specializing in Shotokan Karate.

Our classes help build fitness and confidence in teenagers. 

Karate classes are perfect for adults wanting to stay in shape, lose weight and sharpen their mental facilities.

Our Martial Arts Frankston Classes are taught by industry leaders. 

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What they are saying...

” Jerry Hastings Shotokan Karate has been amazing for our two children.

Sensei Jerry and Sensi Miriam’s passion shows through their teaching with patience and care towards their pupils.  The lessons have not only helped increase their fitness and strength but also teaches them about respect and discipline.

Thank you Sensei Jerry for helping our children grow in confidence.”

Fran (Parent), Frankston

“I chose Jerry Hastings Shotokan karate  club because first impressions last. My son needed help with his focus and balance. I researched a little bit and karate was the most recommended option. Upon meeting Jerry, I knew that I had chosen the right club. Not only have the results been exceptional  but the additional benefit of the growth of my son’s self-confidence has been amazing. I cannot recommend Jerry’s club enough.

Martina (Parent), Seaford

“We have been so impressed with Shoto Karate and especially the guidance our kids have been getting from Sensei Jerry. His knowledge and care has helped our children and they are so much more confident than when they first started earlier this year.

Thank you Sensi Jerry and Sensi Miriam for offering such great karate classes”

Tony and Ann (Parents) Edithvale

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