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Shoto Karate Seaford

Teens Karate Classes - Seaford

Encouraging your teenager to be the best they can be

Our karate classes for teens are engaging, challenging and no matter what level the student or their previous martial arts experience they have, we tailor teaching to the individual needs of each student. 

Fundamentals are taught using age appropriate drills and expectations with attention to focus and control.   Classes will challenge teens both physically and mentally as we develop all key areas of fitness as they integrate the karate components. 


Building Teenager's Confidence


The five maxims of karate underpin all the training in our  dojo, helping to foster right decisions through having control and self discipline. This will help to support teens in making better decisions  whether facing bullies, peer pressure or other less favourable  scenarios they may encounter in our current turbulent world.  Teens in our dojo have a place to learn, belong, escape social pressures whilst becoming fit and healthy and are too busy to head in the wrong direction. They often develop good friendships with their fellow karateka in a safe environment.


Building Self Esteem

Karate students also have the ability to develop through the JKA belt system.   Through dedicated training and commitment they can complete gradings and progress at their own level.  This offers an invaluable opportunity for goal setting, leadership, accountability and focus.  Students are also encouraged to attend seminars and competitions.  The process of progression and achievement increases self esteem which in turn feeds their desire to  become even better than before.

Karate benefits the practitioner in many ways, both physical and mental. It increases stamina and flexibility, as well as providing an outlet for stress.

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